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Nippon Yusen (Japanese: 日本郵船株式会社, romanized: Nippon Yūsen Kabushiki Gaisha, lit. 'Japan Mail Shipping Line'), also known as NYK Line, is a Japanese shipping company and is a member of the Mitsubishi keiretsu. The company has its headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, and a fleet of about 800 ships, which includes container ships, tankers, bulk and woodchip carriers, Ro-Ro car carriers, reefer vessels, LNG carrier, and cruise ships.

Back in July 016, The Federal Court of Australia after following an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), reported that Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), a global shipping company based in Japan, has pleaded guilty to criminal cartel conduct in the Federal Court. The charge was laid by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) under section 44ZZRG of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) on 14 July 2016. NYK is one of the world’s largest shipping companies, with offices in Europe, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, China, Oceania (including Australia) and North and South America. It has over 33,000 employees and its headquarters is in Tokyo. It also operates an Australian subsidiary, NYK Line (Australia) Pty Ltd.


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Former Employee - Technical Support says

"Low pay, sexiest, bullies, and HR doesn’t do anything about these issues."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The work is very repetitive and tedious. Get's old very fast"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"The list is to long. Management was atrocious! They yell at everyone on the floor. There were issues of sexual discrimination, Vice President referred to pregnant women or stay at home moms as Peggy Bundy, "what do you do while the baby is sleeping, eat bonbons and watch soaps." This was said to a pregnant employee in a meeting. Constant overtime and weren't allowed breaks, issues of threats and intimidation on a regular basis. I was called insubornat for getting water because the management said we weren't allowed to leave our desks, even though it litterally took 30 seconds. I quite and took job at almost half the pay because I couldn't stand how they treated their employees."

Former Employee - Logistics Customer Service Specialist says

"No growth room for people, no promotions, no increase on pays, company only hires old people or new grads to save the costs, bullying in the office to against people, some supervisor gives "nickname" to people so she can say bad things on the back"


"NYK Services is a sweat shop. They preach integrity but when you question mgmt on issues they threaten to fire you."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Disrespectful staff continually get away with being rude and insulting to others HR in London office are useless and have a high turnover of staff No flexibility at all with working hours HR are too much "by the book" and continually looking over your shoulder Lack of support by Company leaders and COO in London No work/life balance"

Former Employee - Sales Support says

"asking for vacation time off is a humiliating process top management works 24/7 and same expectations are set for everyone else no work life balance lots of micromanagement"

Former Employee - Customer Service Coordinator says

"No room for growth and promotions are never available Parking is terrible. Not located near train. Only Bus stop. They match your 401k up to a certain percentage, except you don't make enough to go up to the max percentage"

Former Employee - Senior Regional Helpdesk Support Analyst says

"No set training plans for new starters. Hired by a manager who then leaves you to it but is quick to jump on your back when you've made a mistake. Unapproachable manager who is always busy gossiping with her specific group members. There's no positive atmosphere around the office, it's all a bit too quiet as people communicate via Samtime instant messaging. Staff turnover in the department is high. I asked a colleague why when I first started and had come across the rota for the last couple of years, he responded with "because of her (manager)"."

Former Employee - Senior Regional Helpdesk Support Analyst says

"Management hire you and give you objectives but don't give you a clear training plan. You're left feeling singled out. You have to seek help from colleagues who are busy doing their own work and you're left with the unapproachable manager who gossips away all day with her friends in surrounding departments. You're told when you've done something wrong but not shown how to do it correctly next time unless it's from a helpful colleague. Don't expect it from the manager. After seeing the spreadsheet containing the continuing rota from years back, I asked a colleague why they've been so many different people. Not to my surprise did they tell me it's because of the manager. Although the office is nice the atmosphere isn't. It can be very quiet as people tend to communicate over Sametime instant messaging."

ACCOUNTANT (Former Employee) says

"It was a good publicly traded company. I had learned and experienced accounting works. Management team was great. Accounting staff was a great people to work for it.good bonuslate working hours"

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I would never want to work here permanently. Employees were unhappy and constantly complained. Managers were unprofessional.Great viewTerrible corporate culture"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"During the interview process, they sell you on loyalty and room for growth. Except there is absolutely no loyalty or room for growth. Majority of employees are underpaid and overqualified"

Trade Manager (Former Employee) says

"stressful office settings combined with poor management style and very little time off due to non stop phone calls from other countries throughout the night."

Manager Eastern Area Ports (Former Employee) says

"NYK used to be an excellent company to work for, it is no longer the case. Beware"

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"Great for family oriented minders Laid back Easy tasks No ot required Great co-workers"


"Ho lavorato bene con tuuti.Abbiamo lavorato sempre in groupo"

Senior Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There is no "typical day" in the shipping industry. It's ever changing and challenging. There is something new to learn everyday. The hardest part of my day was getting there. The enjoyable part was dealing with the various departments. I dealt with Legal, Claims and Accounting as part of the Maintenance and repair/Chassis Leasing department. My co-workers were always willing to help me when I requested it. We were provided excellent health care, 401K and even a pension back in the day. Any further information needed will be provided upon request."

Coordinator - for call center (Former Employee) says

"NYK is big on continuing education and college degrees.You will be required to take online educational courses and tests to maintain your current job status.They expect high performance levels are all times with increased responsibilities without notice.Co-workers are amazingly helpful.The hardest part of the job is being able to catch your breath between phone calls. Call center environment for export bookings and import questions. Departmental procedures constantly changing and evolving.Most enjoyable aspect is the comaraderie you share with your department members.great team matesrestroom breaks are very limited. constant incoming calls."

Pricing Analyst for TPEB (Former Employee) says

"Open e-mailbox with 300-400 mail from Asia, Europe. By mid-day, another 300 comes in from North America, Canada. I learned a lot, seasoned in business & the economics of the Shipping industry. Very market driven and fast paced so, I was able to sharpen my skills in Excel, business analysis, data manipulation for business intelligence. Management run by Japanese, whose work ethics is very strong, long work hours and expected to deliver timely deadline driven reports to be forwarded to Japan HQ. Culture is non- confrontational, very courteous. The hard part of the job is the long hours of work, the business relies on Tenders/Bids that are awarded and they all come at the same time with the same deadline. I enjoyed Management's hands on involvement on the Tender/Bids, negotiations, pricing the business, direction on how to win the business.Company provided Pension Fund aside from 401KLong work hours, average of 12 hours/day"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The job in its self was great it was the employees the made the job a horrible place to work. I was being taken advantage of and when it came down to it my name was slandered until a new replacement filled my position and complained about the same thing.EducationalRude employees"


"Internation ocean freight company. This was my first exposure to the logistics world."

asb (Former Employee) says


Software Configuration, Build and Release engineer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work starts with issues encountered the night before by our offshore dev team. Work depends entirely on your Manager who could be aggressive to push newer technologies and eager to learn with you. I am lucky to have a manager who is technically strong and understands your efforts and listens to your concerns. However there are dirty politics and bureaucracy problems that make this place a nightmare to work sometimes. I have learned a lot of new things here. However we need a major overhaul of technology. We have a lot of legacy systems to deal with."

Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"i think i want this company because surely for benefits and not delay the salary which is others company. and i think this company have a comitment for others and have a good comminication.free mealhealth care"

Operations Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Very secure job but pay is less than competitive. 300 emails/day. Very stressful. The most important thing I have learned while working here is learning how to multi task.35 hr work week, dont have to work from homeToo many emails"

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